Sunday, 26 January 2014

MAKING YOUR HUB CARS GREEN WITH ENVY (or just tint the windows green)

Since the release of the Eureka Models HUB cars there has been much debate around the windows and whether they should have had a green tint or not.

On the prototype there is a slight green tint to the windows.  The RUBs and stainless steel cars also had a similar tinting.

There have been a few different ways published on how to gain this effect. For me the ways shown darkened the windows too much and hey became way too green for my liking.

So recently when I was asked to tint a set for someone I came up with my own ideas and came up with an effect that looked the part

Firstly I purchased a bottle of Tamiya Clear Green (Xxx) and some Isocol to thin the paint with. I then sprayed the windows lightly with the clear green to give the tinted effect on the windows.

As can be seen by the before and after photos, the green tint looks the part.  This can also be used on the flush glaze used on Silvermaz RUB cars and the Lima Stainless steel cars.



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