Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Shed

Last Christmas I was given an Auscision Goods Shed.  It's quite a nicely detailed model and comes built, painted ready to place on your layout oh and it's "lightly weathered".  For me it was too "lightly weathered".

So I set about rectifying this and weathering it up a little more to my liking for this type of structure.

I used 2 products.  The first is a product called Rustall.  This is great for getting that random look that rust can get.  The second was a product I've had mixed success with, Joes Custom Weathering dyes.  In this instance I used the Rustall for a few layers to get the rusty appearance on the shed roof.  I then made a very light wash of the weathering dyes using their rust colour.  This enhanced the Rustall underneath and has left me with the result below.  I also made a wash and lightly weathered the building and a heavier black wash to darken up the timber deck.

All in all I am quite happy with the results.  Now to scenic the part of the layout the shed will sit on to complete the scene.