Monday, 31 December 2012


This year has been a stop start year on the layout, for a few months a lot of work got done to it. A bit more of the bench work got done.  Some minor track repairs werer completed.

The passengers now have a platform on the top deck, they just don't have a station yet.

On the rollingstock front, They now have a local passenger service (FO's) but the train from the big smoke isn't due until early 2013 (HUB's).

The local stock farmers received some wagons to send their stock on their penultimate journey (GSV, CW, BSV & BCW) and also their last journey (SRC).

We also had a myriad of other 4 wheelers (CV, PV, LV, ICV) and some bogie stock was added to the roster as well (WTY, VSX, OCY, 10,000 gallon oil tankers).

No doubt this time next year the loco roster and rollingstock at our disposal will have increased but I'll leave that for another day.

So everyone, Happy Calendar Changing Day.