Wednesday, 11 July 2012


A few days ago I headed out west to Bathurst as I had promised my 6yo son a while ago I'd take him to show him Mt Panorama. So we headed off.  

Along the way I got some great scenery ideas for the layout and a general idea of what colours all the scenery is out that way but this was not the primary reason we were going out there and all my son was interested in was seeing Mt Panorama and where the Big Bear car (Bundaberg Commodore) had done somersaults after shredding a tyre in 2010. 

However when we arrived in Bathurst I was quite surprised to see 5112 had been returned to the station some 12 months earlier.  I've attached 2 photos below of it all nicely restored. We did manage to do a couple of laps of the track(a bit slower than his hero Lowndsey does it though).

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  1. Hey Matt,
    Can't believe you went slower than Lowndsey, must be slowing down in your old age :-)

    Cheers Alex...