Sunday, 6 May 2012

Some recent weathering projects

Both these models have been weathered using different techniques to gain desired effect.

The JX is an Austrains model.  The cement effect was obtained by dry brushing Tamiya enamel (J.N. Grey) thinned down using Tamiya thinners.  Then using a flat brush down the sides created the dried cement look.  After the dry brushing was done, a light spray of the same paint through the airbrush allowed the model to have that cement weathered look.

The MLE is also an Austrains model.  The wagon has been airbrushed at the start then had Rustall applied in different spots.  Finally the deck was weathered using the powder dust substance that comes in the Rustall package and finally the deck was flat coated.

The load is a Pipe load purchased from a local hobby shop. Sorry I can't recall the brand. However, it was a product from a U.S. based manufacturer.

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